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  • Date: Saturday, 04 April 2015
  • Write up:
    Orlando gave it all to get the win at Minnesota last night, with four players being used for almost 40 minutes. The Magic is similar to Boston (Milwaukee's opponent last night) in the sense that their game is based on their backcourt players. The problem is that when the backcourt players are tired like right now, the Magic become turnover prone. 
    Therefore, the Bucks will do to Orlando in here what they did to Boston last night: force turnovers and use their size edge to bully both Oladipo and Payton. Vucevic had a huge night against Minnesota's horrible interior defense, but he will now face one of the best interior defenses in the league. With Mayo and Dudley back, Milwaukee's second unit is now back at a good level and with that, I expect them to get an easy double digits home win against Orlando tonight.


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