Sunday, 23 October 2016 18:32

NBA 2016-17 Season Message

Dear friends,
I hope you're well
A new NBA season is starting next Tuesday and I am obviously very excited about it. After a disappointing last season, where we had our first losing NBA regular season in ten years, I spent the whole summer identifying all the factors that led us to a poor season. 
We had a lot of problems with the line movements that created difficulties on the timing of the release of plays and some plays were being scratched everyday because there wasn't enough market for all clients to get the right numbers. This led me to question if I should continue with my service, but after the insistence of so many loyal costumers, I decided that I should come back for one more season to bounce back and get us back into the winning track.
For this season, as I came to the conclusion that the variance on these packages was too big, there won't be daily and weekly packages available: only season, first half of the season and monthly packages will be available.
I hope you join me in another very profitable NBA season. For any comment or suggestion, feel free to reply to my email address:
All the best,
André Gomes
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