Code Of Conduct

Unfortunately, the sports handicapping industry is full of scam-artists who use lies, deceit, and outrageous tactics to steal money from non-educated sports investors. During my handicapping career, I have been developing and implementing a code of ethics that sets me apart from the majority of sports handicappers:

  • All my play-by-play records are documented and available online. You can find on this website the records of all my current and past performances, no matter how great or poor they are;

  • New website feature: Every pick I release is displayed on the picks archive within thirty (30) minutes after game start time for full transparency. Every result is graded against a widely available line at the time of release;

  • In order to assure impeccable transparency, my work is also independently monitored by some of the most well known and respected sports-monitors in the web;

  • Top-notch customer service: I’ll always answer back to my clients or potential ones within 24 hours. In order to contact me, please send an e-mail to  or use the "Contact" page in the website;

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