Andre Gomes

My name is Andrť Gomes, Iím from Portugal and I am a All-Sports specialist with the sole purpose to beat constantly the sportbooks, by taking constant advantage of the evaluation errors they make.

The most important thing in sports handicapping is to have a method capable of analyzing all the factors that are capable of influencing a match. If the ball enters or not in the last second, we canít control. Now the rest itís up to my competence.

My secret is the hard work and extensive research that I do about the teams, the coaches and their styles of play, in every sport I decide to cover.

Something that makes me get the upperhand over the sportsbooks is the fact that my write-ups are very complete, on my picks you will see all the angles that will give the win in my picks. I wonít just say that A will beat B. I will be always ready to find the errors committed by the sportsbooks, who make mistakes on a frequent basis. A line that should be -6 and is -3 is a good example of how I analyze the matches.

But knowledge isnít enough to have a good profit in Sports Investing. You need to have a good shopping line value system. Just to remember, I am graduated in Economics. I will never go to ridiculous moneylines of -180 or -190. Following I'll explain how I have success on my battle against the sportbooks.

My pointspread and total picks (NBA and NFL) will always have a line higher than -110. This is the system I consider to be the best one in sports investment.

You also need to have a good money management (MM). Unlike many cappers, I donít use a flat stake system. I use a 1 to 5 rating system, which gives me the flexibility to use different stakes, according to the confidence I have on a certain pick. The use of a flat stake system would only give me problems, so I developed a MM system based on a 1 to 5 rating system, linked in percentage to the initial amount of our bankroll.

Letís make this trip together and beat the sportsbooks year after year.

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